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Scott Bader has been a pioneer in unsaturated polyester resins, gelcoats and structural adhesives for fibre-reinforced composites since the 1940s. Today, the Crystic® brand has gained a worldwide reputation for quality, technical excellence and reliability, maintained through on-going investment in research, innovation and product development. Key markets include; Marine, Land Transport, Wind energy, Chemical Containment, Building (including sanitaryware and solid surface decorative casting products), Pipes and Pipe Relining. The company is unique in the chemical industry.


Since 1985, due to the technical and commercial experience of Promox Company’s employees, was started the production in Leggiuno (Varese). As a result the company has become an active producer of organic peroxides.
The first plant produced peroxides used in the polymerization of unsaturated polyester resins, and in 1988, the company Promox has developed know-how for the synthesis of peroxide solutions.
In 2008 Promox launched the new production in Leggiuno (Varese) on the synthesis of ketone peroxide.
The new plant is designed to meet the latest safety standards for the protection of people and the environment and to authorize the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC).
Daily mission of Promox company is maintaining continuous relationship between technical specialists and customers to meet their requirements, the quality of products, production processes and logistics.


DIAB is one of world’s largest manufacturers of structural core materials supplying a wide range of markets including marine, wind energy, transportation, aerospace and industry. DIAB was instrumental in introducing core kits to enable its customers to speed their fabrication processes, improve quality, reduce inventory levels and cut waste. All DIAB’s main products - Divinycell, Klegecell and ProBalsa - are manufactured and processed entirely in-house to ensure that product quality and performance is maintained at the highest level.


Ipox Chemicals Company provides a wide range of glycidyl ethers, epoxy hardeners and resins together with the specialized epoxy technologies for individual use. Working in the market during 40 years Company has a big experience which helps to satisfy the needs of customers.

Modern opportunities of obtaining different sizes allow to produce product in various quantities starting with 50 kg and finishing 20 tons. Company is certificated according with ISO 9001, providing high quality chemicals during over 15 years.


SIR INDUSTRIALE Company having the 80 years experience in designing and manufacturing high quality materials knows how to find the best solution for individual needs.

The area of company’s activity includes: modern materials, solutions for the coatings, isolation materials and other. Nowadays SIR INDUSTRIAL products include: epoxy resins (Eposir® Eponac®), powder resins (Sirales®), expandable polystyrene (Sircel ®), unsaturated polyester resins (Sirester®), vinylester resins (Sirester ®), additives and hardeners (Sirion®, Prosid®) and others.


Over 50 years ago, the German VOSSCHEMIE Сompany beginning to develop successful products and technologies in the field of cold-curing resins. Manufacturer of innovative VOSSCHEMIE materials established itself as a competent partner and service provider in the industry.


3M is a multinational conglomerate based in the United States of America. This company appears on market in 1902 and works today, it is represented in more than 70 countries of the world. The company produces more than 50 thousand products for various markets (consumer, industrial, electronic, etc.), which are sold in 200 countries.
3M Company has a wide experience of work and a positive reputation around the world, and its products have always been characterized by high quality.


Stoner has been on the leading edge of mold release agent technology for more than 50 years. Our internal and external release agents and processing aids for reinforced composites, thermoplastic, thermoset and engineered resin systems have been scientifically formulated to meet exacting requirements.

Our products include our premium HONEY WAX® paste and KANTSTIK® semi-permanent mold releases. Many of our products, which include our water-based mold release agents, address the ever-growing concern about VOC emissions. STYRID®, our styrene vapor suppressant additive, offers lower styrene emissions and ease of use, while maintaining excellent interlaminar bonding. These core products are complimented by an extensive line of lubricants, mold cleaners and sealers.


Axson has been for many years the technology world leader in the field of elastomers and resins, applied to design, tooling and prototyping. SikaAxson offers a comprehensive product range for the creation of models and moulds used for style trials, product testing and pre-production studies. SikaAxson polymer expertise also extends to advanced technologies for composites, structural adhesives and dielectrics.


LAVESAN Srl is an Italian company that establishes its knowledges and competences on two fundamentals aspects: a forty years experience in the composites’ sector and growing research & development activity in resins and glass fibers.
The resin section is specialized in Epoxy and Polyester Resins, in production of Fire Retardant, Systems, ONE SHOT System for Moulds, Gelcoats and Polyester Adhesives.
Textile division handles glass fibers with production of Woven Roving, Lavecore and Complexes in different heights and grammages depending on clients’ needs.


A company with a long history that today mainly consist of young highly-motivated people, able to bring new ideas and who believes in the product and process innovation as a means to better compete in the international market and proceed in the growth path of the company. Experince, dynamism, quality, specialization and innovation make PaiBoat Composites, all in all, what they are actually well-known for:"Master in Polishing".


Taishan Fiberglass Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary company of China National Materials Co., Ltd., and a National Key High-tech Enterprise.
Its leading products cover several different types and specifications, including E-glass Roving, Chopped Strand Mat, Yarn, Electronic Fabric, Chopped Strands, Multiaxial Fabrics, Knitted Fabrics, Woven Roving, etc., among which E-glass Roving and Chopped Strand Mat are both certified as China Top Brand. Its products are exported to over 60 countries and regions.


Italbeit was established in 1946 thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit and far seeing attitude of Mr. Guido Bari who, on the back of the experience achieved in the chemical, dyestuff and pigment industry started his own company.
Today the core business is the production of pigment pastes, gel coats, bonding pastes and other formulations based on thermoset resins. Besides the production, a trading division has been started for raw materials, auxiliaries, tools and equipments.


Turkuaz Polyester is one of the leading manufacturers of unsaturated polyester resin and gelcoat in Turkey. They were established and started their production in 2011. Turkuaz Polyester's production facility is located in GEBKIM, Turkey's first and only chemical specialized industrial zone.
In 2016 Turkuaz Polyester increased the annual production capacity to 50. 000 tons with its new plant investment. Now the company is focused on more R&D studies with new full-automation and high-technology production plant. Their products serve a wide variety of markets: construction industry, automotive industry, textile, marine, aviation and wind energy.


Established in 1982, Ece Boya is one of the leading companies in Turkey in the coating and resin manufacturing with its brand Erco. The company’s strategy is based on rigorous R&D studies to develop new technologies, providing solutions by anticipating the needs of the industry and being a worldwide sought-after brand.
Today, Erco products are exported to more than 20 countries around the world.


Finnester Coatings is a family business founded almost two decades ago by three brothers to solve many problems in composite industry by developing new types of coating products.
Finnester Coatings was in close development cooperation with Finnish composite manufacturers. This is how the whole family of tooling and coating products was born and its name is Durester. This line of products brought along significant savings in time and money for composite manufacturers. As a result of the development work, a surface finished with Durester coatings are smoother and cured faster than the competition. This led to significantly reduced finishing work.


Spheretex Company with a subsidiary office in USA and more than 40 offices all over the world works in the market more then 20 years. During these years Company managed to create many innovative products and patented materials for plastic industry, especially for sandwich laminates.

To date the Company has more than 60 patents. The Spheretex products are differ from others by their ease in operating, lightweight, resistance and low water absorptivity.


MARTE S.p.A. is a chemical company that produces unsaturated polyester, orthophthalic, isophthalic, DCPD and fire resistant resins for the composite industry.
ARES® polyester resins are used for: continuous lamination, making buttons, chips, baths, shower trays, pipelines, tanks, sound insulation profiles, gelcoats, pastes, putty, polymer concrete, etc.


The company AKPA, which is a manufacturer of a wide range of chemicals, thanks to its strategic geographical location, provides speed in the supply of products throughout the world, especially in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
Today, AKPA Chemistry, regularly exports products to more than 65 countries. Total sales to the international market account for 70% of sales.
For quick and timely delivery of products in the domestic market in 2018r. a store was opened in Istanbul.

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