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Gelcoat - decorative protective coating for fiberglass products

Gelcoat is the top layer of reinforced composite material that provides high surface quality of the finished fiberglass product. The most common gelcoats are made on the basis of epoxy or polyester resin. In other words, the gelcoat is a modified resin, into the warehouse of which, if necessary, thixotropic components can be included to obtain increased viscosity strength.

Variety of gelcoats

Polyester gelcoats often segment by application. Thus, gelcoat is isolated for matrices / forms (matrix material), for shipbuilding / aqua (used in the manufacture of boats, boats, yachts that are resistant to UVA radiation), for artificial stone (used in construction, interior elements and tabletops) , for the production of sanitary ware (heat-resistant and antibacterial gelcoat used in the manufacture and repair of baths). In addition, there are gelcoats for spraying and for a manual method of application, gelcoats for painting, colored (black, white, matte, etc.) and transparent.

Distributor of composite materials LLC UMS Composite

The online store of the UMS Composite company sells materials for the production of fiberglass, in particular polyester resins, gelcoats (barriercoat, topcoat), glass materials (fiberglass, glass mat, glass roving), additives (hardener, accelerator, etc.) and fillers in the Republic of Belarus. Thus, it is possible to find out the cost, order and buy material, both in Minsk, Brest, and in any other part of the country.

For its part, the Company guarantees the provision of technical support to customers, a competitive price and high quality materials.

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