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Polyester Resins

Serial and small-scale production of fiberglass products

Equipment manufacturing (matrices)

Polyester Binder

Unsaturated polyester resin is a binder widely used in the composite industry for the production of fiberglass. There are three varieties of polyester resins, differing in molecular weight and structure: orthophthalic, the most popular, isophthalic, and vinyl ester.

Polyester resin applications

Depending on the required properties of the final fiberglass product, different types of polyester resins are used. Among the composite materials on the market of Belarus are polyester resins of general use, often used in shipbuilding (manufacture of boats and boats), which have a high resistance to UVA radiation. These resins are also used in the automotive industry and for auto tuning, in particular for the repair of bumpers. In the production of cast marble, transparent resins are used for artificial stone (for casting / casting) in conjunction with a suitable filler. Also presented polyesters for the production of sanitary ware, including the manufacture of acrylic baths, which are heat-resistant. Pre-accelerated resins for the manufacture of dies / forms (matrix), providing the possibility of reusable removal of products offered by manufacturers from China, England and other countries of the world.

Sale of polyester resins in the Republic of Belarus

Today, you can buy polyester resin, gelcoats, glass materials (glass fabrics, glass mats, glass fibers), additives (solvents, hardeners) and epoxy materials at an affordable price at UMS Composite. The sale is carried out both in the online store and in the office throughout Belarus, including in Minsk, Gomel, Brest and other cities. You can find out the cost and make an order, both wholesale and retail, using the phone or feedback form.

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