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Scott Bader Launches Innovative New Products

P 07.11.2006
Innovative new products developed by Scott Bader
are being show cased at the JEC Composites Show
in Paris at the beginning of April, 2007.
The five new products being shown cover a variety of markets and application areas:
  • Crystic Mouldguard®, an easy to apply removable overcoating, specially designed to protect composite or steel moulds when they are not being used in production. Crystic Mouldguard® helps save manufacturers significant amounts of time and money as moulds can be back in production in 1/10th of the time it would take if they had not been protected. It differs from water-based materials as it does not soften if left outside in cold, warm or wet conditions and it prevents air and moisture from attacking the mould surface. Crystic Mouldguard® also prevents moulds from becoming scratched so avoids the need for costly repairs. It can be removed in one piece and can be disposed of easily.
  • Crystic® LS30PA,  a new filled pre-accelerated ISO/NPG marine spray gelcoat for use above and below the waterline. It has demonstrated excellent weathering characteristics during extended exposure tests in Florida, with gloss retention, colour fastness and resistance to yellowing all proving to be highly superior to competitive products.
  • Crystic Crestacoat® 5000PAa new barriercoat for the ultimate mirror like gelcoat surface finish when used as a matched system behind a Crystic® gelcoat and with Crystic VE679 skincoat for the ultimate in aesthetics with proven blistering resistance. Crystic Crestapol® 5000PA barriercoat has been developed using unique chemistry to Scott Bader. It is extremely lightweight and can be sprayed or brush applied. Recent customer trials have shown that it significantly improves surface aesthetics and out-performs competitive materials.
  • Crystic 344A, a filled fire retardant ISO resin system, which has passed IMO, Building BS 476 and BS 6853/ Epiradiateur M1, F0 for over and underground train approvals. Even when filled at a 3:1 ratio the product is easy to apply, making it a suitable fiberglass composite component option in many interior and exterior applications where a phenolic resin may have been specified in the past. 
  • Crystic Crestapol® 1210/ 1220A / 1230 - a new range of hybrid high performance resins offering designers alternative products to more traditional acrylic and epoxy thermoset materials which can be manufactured by closed mould, hand-lay and pultrusion, for a variety of applications in building & construction, transportation and marine.
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