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New Stage In The Co-operation With Zaporozhye Automobile Plant (ZAZ)

P 05.11.2006
UMS Polyester, division of the Group of Companies UMS,
since August 2007is going  to produce
the fiber glass reinforced details for  Lanos Pick-up. 


The company UMS Polyester begins production and delivery the complete set of the rigid fiber glass reinforced superstructure Lanos Pick-up for the Zaporizhzhia Automobile Plant (ZAZ)

Successful solutions of design and the engineering departments of the companies UMS Polyester and the CJSC “ZAZ” made it possible to create spacious fiber glass reinforced superstructure, which is most suitable for the transportation of loads under the urban and out-of-town conditions. The superstructure, inside which can freely work the man of medium height, is equipped with the double doors, which are revealed to 180 degrees and have supports, fixing them during deployment to 90 degrees. Rubber coating and interior lighting is provided inside the superstructure. Under the front fairing about the booth sufficient room for positioning the gas tank with a capacity of 50 liters.
For the realization of the given project, by the request of UMS Polyester, the head laboratory of the English plant Scott Bader had been  developed special  formula of gelcoat, used at the manufacture of the fiber glass reinforced details of superstructure Lanos Pick-up.

Before signing of the contract between  UMS Polyester LLC and  CJSC “ZAZ” for the delivery of the fiber glass reinforced complete sets of  superstructure Lanos Pik-up preceded the number of serious preparatory work and successful tests. 


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