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Glass materials

UMS Composite is the official distributor and exclusive supplier of materials for SCOTT BADER (England), which is one of the world leaders in the production of composite materials, as well as a leader in the field of innovative technologies. World reputation for quality, performance and reliability speak for themselves. Our company also works closely with such companies as Lavesan (Italy), Promox (Italy), Spheretex (Germany), Vosschemie (Germany), ACS International (USA) and others. High quality of supplied materials, constant expansion of the range taking into account the needs of customers, and the provision of qualified technical support helped our company to take one of the leading positions in the composite materials market of the Republic of Belarus. High-class specialists working in our company are always ready to advise clients, as well as assist in the selection of technologies and materials.

Glass materials

The most popular and popular material today is fiberglass, the quality and reliability of which is directly dependent on the glass materials (the main material of production). In turn, the basis for glass materials are components such as:

Binding resins (epoxy or polyester);
Fiberglass (staple or continuous).
Regardless of the basis and technological process of production, glass materials must meet the necessary requirements established by state standards and customers.

Unlike most other materials, glass materials are characterized by:

Excellent heat resistance;
Mechanical strength;
Dielectric strength;
Minimal heat conduction;
High chemical resistance.
It is due to its properties and characteristics that glass materials perfectly cope with the negative effects of various substances and the environment, which have a destructive effect. Also, glass materials differ in the minimum cost and available production technology.

The scope of use of glass materials is quite wide: automotive, shipbuilding, aircraft manufacturing, modern construction and in other industries where the use of high-strength and lightweight material is necessary.

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